We do grass legally!

Thank You

Thanks to all our loyal customers who have helped make this dream a reality! Thank you!

Thanks to my life long friends Glenn & Janeen Patterson & Darrell & Kay Hayne who without their insight into what I should do in my retirement and their check books none of this would have been possible! Thanks Love always!

Thanks to the guys at Landford Equipment for keeping my equipment in top running order which is no small task! Thanks

Thanks to all our subcontractors who have shown the same concern for my customers that I have and overlooked
my obvious impatients from time to time. Thank you!

Thanks to Bayside Tattoo of Marble Falls for the wonderful logo they developed! Thanks Matt & James.

Thanks to Stephanie Carlson who's wisdom and knowledge made the great web page possible. Thanks girl!

Thanks to my partners Jon Quint, Stephen Garison, & Jeff Garison who have endured a couple of years of hard work
and sacrifice to make this happen! Thanks guys!

And a special thanks to our men & women of the armed forces who make it possible for us all to do what we love!

 I would also like to thank some of our government officals but I just could not find anything positive they have done for us!
Keep trying guys you will get it right someday!

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