We do grass legally!


        As-U-Wish is the single point of contact for all your home needs and overall property management.

Power washing
Sprinkler repair
Deck stain and replacement

We can act as your agent for the city, fire, police and utility companies. 

In other words we are your hands on deck for all your home needs.
Property Management for your vacation home. 

Other Services:

We offer airport pickup and delivery to Horseshoe Bay, Skywater Airports, and Burnet airport when 
HSB and Skywater are clouded in.

We offer a VIP package which covers all services with a needs based monthly fee.
We have a Floral Certificate of Registration which allows us to purchase and resell plants
at a discount from local nurseries.

We have a working relationship with:
Land Art & Backbone Nurseries 
Pest companies such as American Best and Oasis Pest Control
Clarkson Heat and Air
Spicewood Plumbing
Hilliard Quality Construction
Kat Construction
Lake LBJ Dock Service
J C Tree Service

We offer many other services in which our volume warrants discounts
on service such as personal shopper and personal assistant.

Lawns:  Grasses for Central Texas

St. Augustine Grass.

Grows great in shade and requires more water than most grasses.  St. Augustine is prone to diseases such as Brown Patch and Dollar Spot & wears well with high traffic. It requires more water than Zoyzia and Bermuda and is good for weed control as well. St. Augustine needs mowing once per week year round with mulch mower.
Bermuda Grass
Grows great in direct sunlight, wears well with traffic and needs less water than St. Augustine. Bermuda is good for weed control and during dry season can get Bermuda Mites or Cinch Bugs. Need mowing weekly during growing season, should be cut every two weeks in the dry and winter months and should be mowed with a mulch mower.
Zoyzia Grass
Grows great in shade or direct sunlight, needs less water than St. Augustine and is good for weed control.  Zoygia can get Brown Patch and Dollar Spot disease. Zoyzia is not good for high traffic yards, yards with large pets or children. It must be bagged when mowed and it should be mowed weekly.
Buffalo Grass
Grows great in dry climate, but is not good for weed control.  Buffalo does not look great if allowed to grow long.  It works perfect for roughs on golf courses but not so great for lawns unless you have a huge lawns. Wears well with traffic and requires less water than all other grasses, but in order to keep it green must be watered. Buffalo can be mulched mowed. I don't recommend this grass for your normal lawn.
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